Day 11: What If... | 30 Days Writing Challenge

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Day 11: Something you always think “What if…” about.

When I was a little kid, when I heard about dad’s life story. Due to Doraemon’s influence about time machine that time. I wonder what if I could back in time. And, be the one that can support and raise him both emotional and financially after Great-Grandma passed away when he was 8.

It was a silly thought when I was a kid. If that really happened, what kind of future that I have? Do I have to go through what Marty McFly has been through in Back to Future series? I think surefire I won’t see dad that I know because his strengths came from his struggles and hardship that life offers.

That also happened when I listen to history lecture when I was in elementary school. Especially about September 30th Movement happened, when the heroes were captured and tortured. What if I was there and help release them before they were tortured and together with them take out the enemies with all-out-attack? So, they didn’t have to suffer. When mission accomplished I will disappear mysteriously.  

Sure. Sometimes having “What if…” is nice.

But, if I want something to change, simply dreaming alone will not do it, action also needed in reach something that I wanted. What shaped me into who I am now is the past, but past is the past, present is here and what will happen in the future will base on what I do in present.

However, now I’d rather to have “oh wells” than a life of “what ifs”. If I fail that’s okay, I can do better next time, I can learn from experience. At least that I am willing to try.

So, to answer the question. One of my “what if” that I always think about is:

I want to do something that can make my parents proud of.

Started from a little thing.
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  1. what if apa ya? hoooo bagaimana jika meteor besar jatuh ke bumi terus membuat kerusakan dimana2 termasuk tsunami, I can't imagine

    1. Wah, bener-bener gawat tuh mbak Evrina. Kalau itu sampai kejadian, misi mbak Ev buat menghijaukan bumi lewat tulisan bisa terancam dong...

  2. Hmm... What if I don't meet him. Maybe my life wouldn't be the same. In other way, I am blessed to meet him, who now is my hubby tee-hee.

    1. Syukurlah. Ikutan seneng dengernya. Semoga langgeng yak sampai kakek nenek kayak Carl & Ellie XD