Day 12: Five Blessings In Your Life | 30 Days Writing Challenge

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Day 12: Write about five blessings in your life

Since I was child one of family member that I get close with is my little sister. She always there, especially in my darkest hour. We have the same interests: drawing, reading and writing, although she has different taste. True, that there was a time when we were growing apart, but we always been besties since then. I am blessed to have her in my life.

Friendships. I admit that I didn’t have a lot of friends (that I can keep up due to my limits as introvert). It also took a long time to warm up around people, but I am thankful there are people who feel the same way. Some people that I know come and go. I always think there is a reason behind that. Even if we didn’t stay together, but memories with them still remain.

Parents. Although it took me quite a time to realize about this. I am felt sorry for whatever I did to them in the past. It took painful experiences to learn that I am too naïve looking at the world without realizing how real world works. When I know them better, understanding the root of everything that they did something they do.

Their childhood, their fear, their wish, I slightly understood about their reasons all this time. Since then, family has been one important thing and also a blessing in my life. I realize when I grow up, they are also growing old and they will not always be here forever with me. I wish to make them happy and proud to having me as their child.

It is my drawing when I was four or five years old on the wall in the rented house that I used to lived in. It supposed to be a car, mountain, a field of grass and the rest is… I just can’t comprehend. 
Talents. Nowadays children since they were a little child, they have been directed by their parents to develop their talents by taking lessons, compete in competition, etc. When I was a child, my parents didn’t do that because:

1. They didn’t know my talents
2. They have other priorities. That time we’re living in a rented house.

My drawing since 2006. When I have a spare time I did draw. Many times there were just collection of random doodles. Most often it was made on school notes, so my previous drawing has been gone...
Although my talents are not fully developed, although it’s not amazing like others, but I am thankful to have these and still have my chance to develop them.  


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But, it’s not Ind*mie, egg and cornet like one menu that always available in a food stall. Yes. Internet. I am not messing around. Internet make things easier. Go figure out. But, it is like double-edged sword. It can be used depends on the user.  
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  1. apa ya anugerah di hidup saya? yang pasti hidup, soalnya karena hidup bisa merasakan semua: keluarga, persahabatan, cinta, keindahan alam dsb

    1. Bener pake banget mbak Evrina. Hidup itu bener-bener anugrah. Satu udah mencangkup semua, aku aja pas nulis nggak sampai kepikiran kesana hehe