Day 13: What Are You Excited About? | 30 Days Writing Challenge

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Day 13: What are you excited about?

Cousin’s wedding. It is one week and one day left to go. Grandma is really look forward for cousin’s wedding. It’s her first grandchild in history after all and not to mention that she is the oldest one. For me as long Grandma smiles often then it is fine for me.

17 days more to go to finish this challenge. Yesterday, I already had an idea about what I am going to write in December. Can’t really write it here yet, but I am excited for that. Now, I am only waiting for execution.

I don’t play games as often as I used to be, but there are some games that roll on my waiting list:  

Persona 5. Since knowing Persona 3, I have been falling in love with this franchise, and playing the series from Persona until the latest.  

Sangokushi 13. When I watched the trailer, there is a system that they brought back to the series. Human Drama’s part that makes me excited as it has relationships panel. I hope this will be deep. That made me remember about VII, VIII and X. Yet, I have a low expectation when it will be localized to western audience in console platform, just hope there is a chance that I can enjoy this game. Steam, maybe?

I’m not usually read novel, but when I do I only read specific novel on my list or it took a long time for me to finish. Yep, I’m already finished one book, I cannot wait to write in here about the book that I read next month. And, off I go to the next list, hoping to finish.  

When I look into music artists that I have been listening, but not following their news, I am surprised to find out that they have released new album which make my heart doki-doki. Listening their new songs are make my heart melt and it’s great for mood boost when I need it. Sometimes what I am looking for, come when I am not looking at all. 

Next Sunday, I and family will have a family outing. It is like having been forever since we have family outing and the destination is. In this age, having outing with family is a rare occasion, due to each family member has their own activities. And, the destination is one of five places that I wrote in day five challenge. How awesome is that? It is like one of my dreams comes true.

Well, there are lot to be excited about. 
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