Day 10: Something For Which You Feel STRONGLY | 30 Days Writing Challenge

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Day 10: Write about something for which you feel strongly.

Something that I feel strongly?


That’s one thing that pops out from my head.

I don’t know why. That’s one thing that appears.

Since what teacher told me in front of my classmates, I am starting to believe that’s true. And, it truly manifest throughout my life indirectly. My, how powerful the power of word is. In recent case I read news there are plenty teenagers that decided left this world forever because people relentlessly say mean things on them.

Life is an echo. We should be careful.

But, maybe there is another factor as well. Or it’s just an excuse to blame the former teacher of mine for embarrass me in front of my classmates?

I don’t know for sure.

My circle of friend is indeed limited. It’s not like that I make things exclusive. But, I cannot keep up with everyone because strangely that exhausted me quickly. Except if they are talking about something that I love, which is uncommon, sadly they also rarely know.

I’m not that popular boy in school like a prom king, but everyone knows me as eccentric one like Gyro Gearloose. I grew up with some knowledge of my favorite games. I’m also learning English from games too. So, my circle of friends when I was little were around games. When 
others talk outside that topic, I am just plain speechless.

That was one thing that my former teacher didn’t know.

As time goes by. I know that not everyone plays console games. I spent most of my time alone with games as my best friend. Sometimes when I’m not at home, I went to games rental with friend.

I’m not only grow up with game, but also a little artistic side that I inherited from Mom. Drawing has been one of my favorite activities. So, cartoon and anime are things on my lists too.

I remember one day that I want to have a lot of friends in general.

One day that wish became true.

I’m having a lot of fun, hanging out together and do silly things that I was never expected to happen. But, suddenly I know that I’m not fit in large group. I learned that I am enjoying spend my time in a small circle and sometimes more comfortable on a personal level like one-on-one situation.  

I learned that I am an introvert and I need a great deals of time being alone to recharge myself.

When it comes to relationship. I’m not interested in superficial relationships. I’m more interested in deep-level relationships that last long for eternity... 

Well, literary speaking.

When I was younger, I lost my chances to enjoy what life offers. I missed partying, I missed doing crazy things due to life circumstance and health issue.

But, I know that also happened for reasons.

Now, I am here as an adult.  

Making friends when we are an adult are quite challenging to some people because not everyone has the same perception like we do. Not everyone is happy when we are happy. Not everyone is sad when we are sad. Ironically sometimes it’s the opposite which wants to make us throw something at them.

It’s complicated, even more complicated than our relationship when we were younger. And, the jungle out there sometimes is not as it looks it is.  
“It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.”  - Ralph Waldo Emerson
I am thankful.  

In this age. At least I’m having what I needed.

Family, a few good friends and my time to be alone.

P.S: This morning when I opened email folder, I found a birthday wish from Nana. It was a little late, but thank you for remembering, Na. It’s a simple thing, but that means a lot for me. Maybe, this was the one what trigger this writing. 


I pray may the same things also happen to you.
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  1. kalo saya: gunung (terutama semeru), sahabat, anak, dan keluarga, udah itu semua bikin saya strong enough