Day 22: Music Shuffle & First Ten Songs | 30 Days Writing Challenge

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Day 22: Put your music on shuffle and post the first ten songs

Curbside Prophet – Jason Mraz

Knowing Jason Mraz through his song that called “I’m Yours”. My brother once has this song as his RBT (Ring Back Tone). Then, since I love Jason Mraz songs, I started to collect his song. This song came out at random on shuffle.

Perdóname – Ricky Martin

Knowing Ricky through his famous Worldcup song. This song came from the latest album of his. Reminds me of my Ex. But, this song more likely tell about her. I’m not her half. I’m just her substitute, her ‘hit-and-run’ case before she came back to her Ex and later she dumped again by her Ex. Ha. What a fool of me to believe her words.

Reason to Believe – The Carpenters

Knowing The Carpenters through “Top of the World”. It was one song that I often listen at radio. It’s funny that this song is kind of related to previous song if you see the lyrics. However, I got this song on shuffle, so…

Just To See You Smile – Tim McGraw

Knowing Tim McGraw through ‘Tim McGraw’ that was sung by Taylor Swift. I listen this song a few years ago and still love this song until this day.

Everything I Can’t Have – Robin Thicke

Can’t believe to have his song on my list. Knowing Robin Thicke through his song called… err not “Blurred Lines”, but “Lost Without You”. Okay. Thanks for reminded me that I just can’t have everything.

Pursuing My True Self – Shihoko Hirata

Knowing this song through playing Persona 4. I am still remember that times to find true ending with trial and error while do not understand Japanese at all. It happened before English version released.

Concrete Angel – Martine McBride

I don’t remember this. But, this song is heart-wrecking. Made me aware of domestic violence around especially children.  

Antrilah Di Loket – P Project

I heard this song when I was a kid. It was parody of ‘I Can Love You Like That’ from All 4 One. It is still epic.

Sky’s The Limit – Shihoko Hirata

Opening theme 2 for Persona 4 the Animation.

Fool Again – Westlife

Knowing Westlife through “Season In The Sun”. Mom is a fan.

I went to to find the song meaning. And, I found one that I am looking for. I guess this song is perfect if using that interpretation. I’m that kind of guy. Sorry, I already gave you chances, but you never learn. I’m not that desperate, you’re not the only woman in the world.

However, what’s written here is not important, but I need to reach minimal quota when I have writing exercise at least 200 words. 
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