Day 21: Three Lessons You Want Your Children Learn | 30 Days Writing Challenge

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Day 21: Write three lessons do you want your children learn from you?

First, I want my children learn to stand on their own feet. I don’t want my children become generation of strawberry. Okay, I’m being raised by overprotective father and I am always misunderstood about his actions. That made me hate him and it’s the roots of all rebellion. Sure, he wants the best for his kids, but always helping his kids will not make them growth and make them independent.

I know that’s the form of affections that he gave, but later I understood completely after ponder things again. He was from a broken home family which he didn’t get affection from both parents except his late Grandma, which is my late Great-Grandmother.

He also not good with words, which is crucial for misunderstanding. It’s alright that parents could step-up into child problem if the children couldn’t handle it on their own. I want them to be strong and independent like my father.  

Second, I want my children know that time is precious and wonderful gifts. As time we are growing up, our parents are growing old. They will not always there with us. To be honest, I am not the person with family material, but after things happened, I learned to appreciate my family. Think about sacrifices that parents have done for us. Oftentimes, they want to spend their time, but work always in the way.    

Third, I want my children to learn to communicate their problems instead keep it themselves. Human can be strong, but being strong also has its limits. However, I want them also see the situation if the person they want to communicate is the right person.  
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  1. I don't have a plan to raising kids, so when it comes to this challenge, I think I will pass.