Day 28: Five Things That Make You LOL | 30 Days Writing Challenge

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Day 28: Post five things that make you laugh-out-loud.

Err, I already told you in earliest post about 30 days writing challenge that it’s not easy for me to laugh especially for laugh-out-loud. However, there were times when I had that moments.

Damn You Auto Correct! I can’t find the source now, but there was one post linked to the site that made me laugh like crazy. And, it happened at night when I was bored to death.

Just For Laughs: Gags. I know this show since I was a child. I rarely watch this series anymore, but still when I had time. It is still funny, but more likely hit-and-miss.

Kariage-kun. I know this franchise through Kobo-chan or Kobo the Lil’ Rascal. At first glance, I was never interested to read this. However, time showed me how hilarious the characters inside. Contrast with Kobo-chan, which the story is slice of life about a family life which is cute and heartwarming, Kariage-kun is about story of a salary man who loves to pranks others, including his boss.

Sometimes, I listen misheard lyrics just for fun. Either it can make me laugh or make me cringe.

And, things that absurd, random, but relatable. Sometimes inside jokes.

Okay, those posts make it five. To be honest, I am not a person that can laugh easily like what I said before. In daily life I am always serious looking at things. There is a time when my family watched stand-up comedians. They can make my family laugh, but that not worked for me. Instead of laughing, I tend to over analyze about what funny about their jokes.

It’s not like their joke is lame, it’s not like that their performance is bad. I guess, it’s just a matter of taste. Each person is different. So, there is different type of humor.  
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  1. Kalo gue sih liat penderitaan orang yang gue ga suka udah bikin gue seneng banget.

    1. Tiap orang beda-beda preferensinya sih ya ^^;