Day 29: Your Goals For Next 30 Days | 30 Days Writing Challenge

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Day 29: What are your goals for the next 30 days?

I already had a plan to do another 30 days challenge. This time is not about writing though, mainly it is not, but there will be a little portion of writing inside. It’s not final yet because I still choose the challenge contents that really fits me. I won’t do something that makes me feel like a chore except it’s a job related, which is duh!

Also, I want to do some reviews. The contents will be varied, from books, culinary, games or movies. That also add another challenge for me to search something to review. It’s a good thing to keep me busy with something beneficial and out from comfort zone. But, I will write that in my native language.  

I want to be more flexible as a person, but still can keep priorities straight. I realize that I am still rigid as a person. Need to rethink again about how I live my life and my long-term goals.

Replacing bad habits with new ones also become another goal for next 30 days. I’m glad there are improvements in some aspects of my life, but old habits die hard. And, I need to find some ways to conquer them. Needs to embrace my shadow to get my persona.

And, stayin’ alive until I can become a person that I wanted to be. There are bucketlists that still not completed yet. 
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