Day 27: Something That's Kicking Ass Right Now | 30 Days Writing Challenge

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Day 27: Conversely, write about something that’s kicking right now.

Hmm. What to write? That depends on people’s perception through things actually. For me… Hmm, there is nothing interesting that happened in my life, except…

Bad habits slowly replaced with new ones. Besides doing 30 days writing challenge, I also challenge myself to change myself. Sometimes, I still have difficulty, but I am thankful that’s still conquerable. I heard bad habits can be replaced in 30 days if we consistent with what we do. The desire for change itself that must come from within, though. If we do it for others, often it is not worked.

I just got my Isyana Sarasvati’s CD album Deluxe Edition. Started to listen her songs started from yesterday. Actually, when I got my package, there is a little bit of disappointment because earlier when I pre-order the item, I misread ‘handmade packaging’ with ‘handmade item’ in item description. So, there is a little misunderstanding. And, yeah I had my own expectation about the handmade item. Mostly my fault. But, I’m still happy anyway.

There’s a plan to meet with another cousin next month. Must spend some money. I rarely go out if not necessary. Believe it or don’t, socializing needs money. Our money! I prefer buy games, play it at home and eat some pizzas. I guess different people have different interest and priority, huh?

Also there is a plan to go to place that I want to visit next year. After visiting Goa Jepang and Goa Belanda the last two weeks. It’s Lawang Sewu or The Thousand Doors that will be the next destination. We will have trip for two days. It is approved by all family members, but we still find the schedule.

I guess… That’s pretty kicking ass for me.
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