Day 8: Something You Struggle With | 30 Days Writing Challenge

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Day 8: Share something you struggle with

When I read the prompt about “share something you struggle with” I was thinking about personal matters and suddenly I felt uncomfortable when associate the word ‘struggle’ with ‘personal’. Okay, that is an exaggeration. All this time I associate my blog with personal posts, but I think if I want to write that, this time is too personal.

Sometimes, there is something that we can share, there is not. Nowadays, I feel that we were sharing too much. I’ve been that person and decided to convert the posts into drafts. However, as long that people comfortable with what they share, I think that is just fine.

So, it’s not you, it’s just me.  

When it comes to writing a blog content, I only update the blog at least when there is something interesting for me to write. And, there is rarely interesting thing to write. Even if there is one, I think that rarely appeal wide range audience. Heh. I know.  

I am never considering to write something about thing that I have no knowledge about or being forced to write. Aside from daily exercise this month to improve my English writing, I am solely writing a blog just for fun. I admire for those who update their blog daily, even they put specific theme or schedule on their blog.

That’s quite hard to keep consistency to write, especially when we are too tired or too busy to have a little time to spare. When I write something, I usually took time to double-check everything before I agree that my writing could be shared.

That’s become another reason for me to participate this 30 days writing challenge. To build consistency and discipline. In order to keep the spirit, I tried to make things interesting. Like making image thumbnail that I had for every challenge posts or simple doodling.

Hoping that I could finish this challenge in one piece. 
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