Day 7: 10 Songs | 30 Days Writing Challenge

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Day 7: List 10 songs that you’re loving right now.

I never follow music trends, so I don’t know what’s in. I solely listen to song that I relish. Whatever the song or anything the genre is as long that I revel in, that’s fine.

Peterpan – Menghapus Jejakmu & Piterband - Menghapus Bedakmu

Yeah, I truly meant it. I love the parody as much I love the original. 

It was kind heart-wrecking when I saw the original video, but the parody is no different. 

Mean in funnier way. Kind reminded me of her.

Sicilian Heart

I remember that I heard this music when I was a little boy, but to be exact I don’t know where it was. I stumble upon this song on Youtube one day and loved this instrumental.

Somewhere Only We Know

I know this from The Little Prince. I listen to this song when I wrote a review of The Little Prince and tout de suite fell in love with the song.

Strong in the Real Way

I always listen to this song when I have physical workouts. It’s already like a daily ritual. I just loved the lyrics. This song kind of inspired me to do things in the right way. Being strong is not an excuse to using its power to abuse, especially to oppress the weak.

Keep Being You

I found this song by chance. However, I remember that my friend already her fans several years ago and even attended her concert. It was a small gig back when. My friend’s favorite song is “Tetap Dalam Jiwa”.

1000 Tahun Lamanya

This song was once sung by Jikustik in 90s era and now is sung again by Tulus. 

I love both versions, yet I prefer Tulus’ version.


One time I watched Hitam Putih on TV, and there’s this person. I asked Mom, who he is. He’s Petra Sihombing, a singer. Then, I search his name on Youtube and I found this song. Love the lyrics, it’s kind of romantic.


Since I heard Sois tranquille, I have been a fan to Emmanuel Moire. Been bewitched to this song after Mon Possible.

Dreams Come True

It’s funny, one time I look upon my blog’s tagline and saw the word: Dreams Come True. Then, I asked Mr. Google to search something related that to the keyword and I found this song. It was based on classical masterpiece: Pachebel’s Canon in D. 
I literary cried buckets.
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  1. Ciye, ciye ;)

    Sengaja ya. You know, buat someone special? Semoga dia liat ya...Hahahaa,,,

    1. Ah, kamu mah apaan sih wkwkwkw *siul sambil pura-pura ga tau*

    2. Setuju sama yang paling atas. Amiin. Semoga dia liat ya, someday. Kalau memang berjodoh emang nggak bakal kemana. Tenang aja, Har wkwkwkw

    3. Amiin aja deh wkwkwkw... Ini kalian yaa... Beda lah levelnya sama yang udah saling memiliki wkwkwkwk...