Day 6: Five Ways | 30 Days Writing Challenge

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Day 6: Five ways to win your heart
First… What kind of prompt is this? Oh, alright then.

Just be honest, as I can sense if something is off. I appreciate your honesty as long you’re mindful about your manner and stay appropriate.

I remember about small things in life. So, go figure ;)

Don’t ask personal things unless I told you. I don’t like when people ask personal thing about me. It makes me uncomfortable and I will walk away from you and never come back. I am indeed a private person. But, I am open when I feel comfortable around you and if I decided to do so.

Due to past relationships, now I have three times limit when I am dealing with people, I remember what people did to me. Either it is good or bad. I do forgive, but I didn’t forget. I didn’t hold grudge because it is bad for my health. I also have a strong memory and rarely forget.

And, five. It’s a secret. In order to win my heart, you must know me personally. Let us meet in person and you will know how as time goes by.  
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