Day 5: Five Places | 30 Days Writing Challenge

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Day 5: List five places that you want to visit
Here are five places that I want to visit:

Lawang Sewu
Source: UrbanLejen
I remember that one of my friends ever going to this place and taking a photograph there. The photograph was not about himself, but about the doors. Yes, this place also called as “Thousand Doors”. Many folks say that this place is haunted, especially when we go to the basement, but I want to go there to see one of the historical places.

Lubang Buaya
Source: Liputan6
It is one of historical places. I recall this place from history class in elementary school, but I never have a chance to going there in person.

Source: Panoramio
The last time I went to “Curug” or “Waterfall” with my family. The place that we visit were Curug Omas. That time we didn’t have a plan to going there. I revel in the atmosphere, it was calm and relaxing, especially when I put my feet down the river stream. It was energizing and I want to feel the same sensation when I had the chance.

Goa Jepang
Source: PegiPegi
Also, one of historical places. This was one of several places that I want to visit when I had the last outing with family, but others prefer to back home due to the time. It’s already late. It’s not likely they are terrified of “appearance”, but more likely to “begal”.

Goa Belanda
Source: Hayuretno
Another historical place that I missed the chance to visit when I went to Curug Omas.  
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