Day 18: 30 Facts About You | 30 Days Writing Challenge

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Day 18: Post 30 facts about yourself.

Okay, this is… a little awkward. What am I supposed to write this time? There are no interesting facts about me. But, sure. A challenge is a challenge and I will still do it.
  1. An introvert.
  2. A beard enthusiast. And, wanted to have different styles of beard if that possible.
  3. Gems lover. And, starting to collect specific gems related to the show if I had extra money. Thanks, Steven Universe.
  4. Prefers to read comic and graphical novel instead novel. But, when decided to read novel, definitely will finish if the book is interesting, although it took time to finish.
  5. Didn’t follow trends. Didn’t want to (and didn’t have money for that because there are things that more important as priority). Having an eye for unusual things, but quickly lost interest when those became trends.
  6. A quiet type, didn’t talk much unless when I become comfortable.
  7. Prefer tea instead coffee. My favorite is Earl Grey.
  8. Love rain, especially with thunder and storm. Rain’s scent made me comfortable. When it comes to rain it is a perfect time to sleep or eat warm foods like soup while reading book, watch film or simply being lazy.
  9. Have a tendency to remember almost everything about life events.
  10. Have a tendency to be perfectionist.
  11. Have a tendency not remembering people after introduction, unless if they have something unusual or when I give them a nickname.  
  12. Due to life circumstance, now I have three limits when dealing with people. One limit used when I become furious. When three limits are over, then… Goodbye.
  13. Used to have imaginary friends and hoped still do.
  14. I have been run away from home, at least for once.
  15. Didn’t smoke and didn’t drink alcohol.
  16. I prefer having a small circle of friend (especially who has the same interests). More comfortable that way instead being alone in a crowd of strangers.
  17. Life changes me into typical ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and ‘not maybe’ person. Quite stubborn and literary cannot be stopped when already make up decisions.
  18. When it comes to a game genre, I love RPG because it’s heavily focused on the story, mostly is J-RPG, but not nowadays J-RPGs. The reason is the battle mechanism. Still. I prefer old schools.
  19. Sometimes looks older or younger than actual age.
  20. At some point I need time for being alone (to recharge energy) and having a hard time to explain to friends and family that how I care about them, but they need to stay away from me for a while.
  21. Didn’t like being asked about personal stuffs.
  22. I have been in car accident for two times. And, still alive even the body was covered with blood. Sadly, it was a hit-and-run case.
  23. A late bloomer when it comes to love-related stuffs. And, didn’t fall in love easily.
  24. Prefer mind instead body. Smart is the definition of sexy for me.
  25. Not afraid of ghosts, but secretly not showing that I am still afraid of flying cockroach.
  26. Enjoy having a deep conversation, talking about ideas.
  27. Always mistakenly as the younger one when it comes to group or going out with someone.
  28. Love to see girl/woman that wearing glasses.
  29. Love to see girl/woman who has long hair.
  30. Sometimes can be an internet addict and forget about priorities. 

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