Day 17: Zodiac Sign | 30 Days Writing Challenge

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Day 17: Post about your zodiac sign, and whether or not fits you.

For the recent months, I am suddenly having interest in Astrology and I don’t know what the reason was. It is a pure curiosity or it is something else?

That leads to one book called Astrolo(ve)gy. I’m not usually read novel, but the implication of zodiac as sign of the main casts written down in stories by writer who also has the same sign intrigue me.

This book already published at January. So, I decided to get one myself. After searching in three places in Bandung’s bookstore and the response that I get is out of stock. I am decided to contact the fan page and asked who in charge if I can order directly.

They gave me the solution about shopping book online in locations that they list for me and if I can’t get them, I could contact the page again for further help. I am thankful, the page admin was so responsive, polite and kind.

And, I got what I want. Plus 20% discount. What a steal!

Ex is one of my favorites. Written by Rizal Iwan, a Sagittarian.

To answer the question above.

“However, one thing that we should know that humans are complex creatures. Sure, sometimes there are similarities. And, it is written in general, it’s like list sample of research. Not everything is applied to each person exactly one hundred percent because as time goes by life changes us. Some still remain the same, while other aspects in our life changing. Zodiac is one kind of tools that it is best to know about our strengths and weaknesses, especially for self-improvement. If we are looking that way, why not?” my two cents.  

For me it is okay to know, in moderate amount within self-control. 

That just like one of songs that I never bored to listen (?). 
“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” - Albert Einstein
By the way, having an open mind is delightful and open us to endless possibilities to understand and appreciate things around us.

And, there is one thing that I am still pondering about is the how horoscope works? How did they figure that? I am never interested to read—okay, I lied, I read them when I was a kid—however, now is rarely occurs. That question always lingering on my mind. Interestingly, I found this site that could be useful for explanations.
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I am jealous, I am secretive and I am resentful. So, my answer is: Yes, it fits me. I am a Scorpio. Done. 
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