Day 16: Something That You Miss | 30 Days Writing Challenge

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Day 16: Something that you miss.

Sometimes, I miss the old day when I don’t have to think. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have the brain like Z. Not that way, fella! It’s more like the older day when I was a child. It seemed happier that way. When the only struggle that we had just go to school.

I miss that day when I was having fight with a friend, then an hour later we already forgot the reason why that we fight and play together again. Nowadays, even the simple thing could be exaggerated, complicated and not related to main issue, especially when we are around the presence of drama queens.

I miss that day when we are playing together with a friend of opposite gender that seemed okay. That didn’t lead us something complicated like what we call as love. True that we are thinking what we do being together just as friend, but others perception are not.

As time goes on, as I am growing up, I realize that the world is not like what I imagined. It’s more complicated than mere an eye of a child. There are reasons behind everything. There are roots that triggered some events. There are histories about people that we know now. There are dark corner around the world I lived in that definitely shouldn’t be visited or there is no turning back.  

I learned that being grown up is all about responsibility. Either it’s for self, family, friend, job, education, etc. To be honest, it sucks. But, it is not entirely bad. The good thing from that is I can choose my own journey to shape what kind of future that I want to be. There also things that I can enjoy that I cannot when I was a child.

That also a kind of freedom, right?

Nobody said that was easy, but it is worth to try.
However, to answer about the question above. Above all I miss eating cakueh complete with its sauce. Especially the ones that I usually get around elementary school.   
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  1. kangen sama teman2 di jawa timur, baru aja kemarin mimpiin mereka, eh cakue itu enak lho, jadi pengen, udah lama gak makan cakueh *tanggung jawab*

    1. Kalau sampai mimpiin segala itu tandanya beneran ada yang kangen mbak Evrina. Cakueh itu emang enak mbak, kalau nggak, nggak mungkin jadi kangen dan ditulis disini hihihi. Semoga mbak Evrina bisa ketemuan sama temen-temen di Jatim ya mbak, sekalian ngumpul bareng sambil melepas kangen makan cakueh dan bernostalgila pasti asyik n' seru pake banget nget.