Day 15: Bullet-point Your Whole Day | 30 Days Writing Challenge

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Day 15: Bullet-point your whole day.

  • Finished coloring a new image for day 15 and on at 00.01 a.m. It took me six hours (plus two hours to sketch).
  • Still awake around 02.30 a.m., playing around with phone and its application. Can’t asleep because too excited about the upcoming outing.   
  • Woke up at 05.00 a.m with relentlessly alarm’s noise.
  • A day before we planned to go at 07.00 a.m., but in actual time we went around 07.30 a.m. Surprised to know that everyone cannot asleep as well.

  • Went to “Kupat Tahu Lontong Kari Cicendo” to have a breakfast at 08.43 a.m. Not my choice to go there because I was asleep along the way. However, the place is quite had history value since it is open from the time of 67s and the place is full of visitors like usual.
  • Continue the journey to Dago at 09.00 a.m. We were having a route problem due to car-free day, but after a while arrived safely at Curug Dago. Although there was a chance to get lost if we didn’t ask people around.
  • After exploring a bit and found out about what’s special about Curug Dago, which is the inscription, after reaching the target, we were having a break time for a while, taking photos and ate instant noodles. 
  • Went to Goa Jepang. I had breath difficulty when I entered the cave, I also felt cold, slightly dizzy and out of balance, but not again after I pray. The same thing also occurred in different area. I chose to stick together with the group when I was inside, I felt safer that way. 
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  • The cave was dark and cold. And, believe it or don't! (Junpei's style) Rumor says that place is haunted. I heard lot of people said to watch our manner, especially to watch our mouth while we exploring the cave because there are 'another beings' along the way.
  • After exploring Goa Jepang. Each of us having ice-cream for IDR 2000 along the way to next destination. We went to Goa Belanda and having history lessons from the guide. We were exploring the cave and having wonderful experiences. Guide showed us about interesting places.  
  • Having plan to go home early due to exhaustion.
  • Along the way, thinking about dinner. Then, we went to Dago Panyawangan to have yummy chicken satay with peanut sauce and drank a milk soda.
  • Went to grandma’s house and gave news about cousin’s wedding planning and preparation.
  • Went home safe and sound. Rest for a bit. And, write this.

Here are the prices for the entrance ticket at Curug Dago's entrance. 
With the same ticket, we can access different location for the same day. There are six locations available.  
At the entrance of caves there are people who give us the flashlight. I thought the flashlight is also included in entry tickets. But, the flashlight is not free. It was rented for IDR 5000 for each person. We pay the service when we are finished explore the cave.

Cost to hire a guide is varied, it can be from IDR 30.000. It can be less or more. It depends on how good we are at negotiate. There is interesting place that only the guide shows if you get him into his good side.

There are many food stalls and rest area. Don’t have to worry to getting hungry around the way. Just stay on guard for your wallet because it’s quite pricey. IMHO.

If you don’t want to get tired and instantly go to destination and have extra money just hire transportation  service that can take you there for only IDR 25.000. But, in one go.  CMIIW. 
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  1. Wiiih, kesampean juga akhirnya keinginan lu. Tiga lokasi sekaligus berarti two more left to go. Gimana apa sesuai kata orang bilang? Tempat main lu antik sih sekarang wkwkwk

    1. Hahah, iya nih bro, Kalau denger2 sih iya, tapi da belum pernah nyobain kalau malem2 mah. Cuma sehari pulang pergi :D