Day 24: A Lesson You've Learned The Hard Way | 30 Days Writing Challenge

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Day 24: Write about a lesson that you've learned the hard way.

I used to be that person who always care about what others think about me. I am afraid when people judge me when I don’t do things like what the rules said or what like others wanted. I am afraid to disappoint others.

I’m not going to spill the beans because it is too personal.

Long story short. Until, one day I said to myself that is enough. It is foolish to keep everyone happy while I am tearing apart and no one seems care. Okay, there is some who care, but that’s not the point.

Sometimes, I must do what is right for me. For my own sake, my own happiness, my own well-being. It is not means to be egoistic or mean person because no one know about me, no one knows about my limits, like I do.

Happiness is come from within. My happiness depends on me, depends on what I am thinking about myself. My happiness not depends on what others say. Unless their opinions could be exchanged to buy some ice-creams, maybe I’ll consider it. 
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