Day 25: Inspired By 11st Images | 30 Days Writing Challenge

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Day 25: Think about any word. Search it on google images. Write something inspired by the 11th images.

The word that pops out from my head was ‘Harmony’ and this was the 11st images:

I remember that Mum really wants her siblings to be in harmony. But, one time Grandma said that is quite a chore because each family member has their own priority. And, they are not perceiving the same way anymore. The reason is simple. That started when Mum looking at her friend’s family in harmony. Looking at something that she doesn’t have tends to make her wanted similar situation.

As long as I remember, the history with other families through Dad and Mum’s side didn’t go really well. Especially for Dad. He’s already at one situation where sacrificed himself for others, but when he needed help, no one willing to help.

Dad always did his best to help his siblings in order when he needed help, they would help him some way. But, he was wrong when he struck with reality. When I was a toddler and sick and there was difficult situation, no one helped him. Not even lent him some money for his sick child to go to doctor.  That's nothing compared to the sacrifices that he made that more than some money.

That made him change a heart. He loathed the idea to put others first before himself and lead focus at his family and made him cynic through other family members. He is still helping, but he would put his wife and kids first before others. 

And, I recall when I was a kid, I was sitting in Grandpa’s house at the rooftop with other cousins. We discussed that ‘when we grow up, we shouldn’t be like our parents’. We talked about that because when they (the parents) met, they were always boasting about what they had. Or they were boasting about the achievement of their children. Somehow what they talked about always made others felt uncomfortable. That's something that I didn’t like which the first time seed of rebellion was sow.

Time flies by.

Time also has its own way to made us separated and disconnected.

On November 22nd it was the wedding day of my cousin. She was the first grandchild in Mum’s side of family who is married. 

I don’t like parties, but because it is one of the closest one and my family was asked to do some tasks as representative. I just can’t reject.

Long story short, I met other cousins. And, I could see how each of them just like become a different person. One of them asked me and my sister out somewhere if there is a time. True that we haven’t met for years and only meet on occasion.

I guess deep down inside they still want to stay connected, which is a good sign. Why did I say something like that? I learned that because (any) relationship won’t work if there is only one side who fighting to put the bridge together while other aren’t.
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  1. Ya. Setuju sama pernyataan terakhir, kalau cuma satu orang yang berjuang kalau bahasa sundanya mah ripuh sorangan.

    1. Iya, Bang Chris. Berdasarkan pengalaman (ciyee) memang gitu...