It Doesn't Come Easy

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Grasping failures can be arduous.
Success doesn’t come magically.
It takes time, it demands efforts, it needs resilience.
Once in a blue moon, you requisite lady luck on your side.

You were yearning things to be flawless, to fiddle with your mistakes.
You had enough, you already tried your best.
You found nothing.
However, unearth yourself wrecked inside.

Until one day they shatter you.
You lost your way.
You don’t fathom who you are anymore.
Too much on everything overwhelm you.

There is a traverse inside to decide.
To stay as who you are.
To turn into the things that you hate.
Or willing to conclude everything once for all.

Those thoughts truly torn you.
As you discerned that your family loves you in different ways.
Something that you failed to comprehend in your younger days.
Misunderstandings that spur to something misleading.

Superfluous rebellions.

There’s deeper than one groove.
Not always set. Not always equivalent what everyone says.
When one door closed, there’s another lingering to be open.
Hang in there, nothing remains eternal, even storms will pass by. 

You have come this distant.

Can you bear it?
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