Day 1: 10 Things | 30 Days Writing Challenge

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Okay. I promised myself last month that I will write in English this month as a part of my daily exercise. Until December says hello, I will stick around with English unless there is unexpected case.

Two months ago I initiated writing again with doing some writing prompts. This time I want to try a different thing. So, I asked Mr. Google about 30 Days Challenge. There were lots to choose, but there is only one that I like.

The challenge was taken from here.

Day 1: List 10 things that make you really happy

Uno. Call me weird. Call me crazy. But, seeing someone happy makes me happy. Especially for someone who matters in my life (circle of close friends, family members or loved one). For me, sometimes life is not always about competition, life itself is a journey.

Dos. When I achieved my goals. It’s not always about a big one. Simply finishing a daily, mundane task could do it. Every time I meet my goal, I felt accomplished. I felt important, even it is just for a short time. It’s like doing quests on a RPG. If you know what I meant *wink*

Tres. Anything that can make me laugh. To be honest, it’s hard for me to laugh. I envy for those who can laugh easily, like my mom. She almost can laugh at everything, including at lame jokes. Laughing is healthy, but not everyone could access such luxury.

Cuatro. Family time. It’s not always make me happy, but spending time with family is precious and irreplaceable.

Cinco. Reading. But, it depends on what kind of book that I read. Mostly that I read was comic instead novel. Often, I am wandering around websites for reading comic strips. My favorite genres are about slice of life and family themed.

Seis. Seeing my favorite TV shows. When I was younger, watching cartoon on Sunday morning was a treat.

Siete. Being with friends, hangouts or simply chatting. Even I rarely show how happy I am at outside, but it kind of different from inside.

Ocho. Once for a while there are always favorite foods or drinks on my list. At that time I usually order one over and over. And, I will do whatever it takes (in honest way) to get them. Fast foods are unhealthy, but I love them. Too bad that the money that I had is kind of limited. Halp.

Diez. Being noticed by Senpai. I know right? There are some people that I look after. Being notice by them indeed*something*. It made my day even it just for a short span.
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  1. saya tlat dog ini kalau mau ikutan

    em, kalau mulai dari hari ke berapa nggak masalah kan ya?

    eh, pake bahasa inggris ya

    1. Nggak jadi masalah, Mas Ara. Paling cuma jadi nggak komplit aja, hehe.

      Kalau sumbernya memang pakai bahasa inggris kok, tapi bisa disesuaikan sesuai kebutuhan. Saya ikutan ini buat latihan bahasa inggris, Mas. Soalnya bulan lalu udah janji :)

    2. owh, terus nulisnya sesuai smua pertanyaan dalam foto itu ya yg isinya 30 day itu.

      atau malah buat sendiri

    3. Iya, sesuai sama yang ada di foto, Mas Ara. Kalau isi tulisannya itu kreasi sendiri, bebas, yang penting tetap menjawab pertanyaan di foto yang 30 Days. Sebenarnya kalau cari di google ada banyak challenge buat nulis 30 hari. Disesuaikan aja yang cocok yang mana :)