Always Sometimes Monsters

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Always Sometimes Monsters is one of the games that I played recently. To be honest, at the time when I saw the trailer on YouTube, I’m fascinated with things that this game offers. I have my own expectation when the trailer was over.

This is a RPG game, but this game is different with the most RPG that I know about, this game heavily focused on story line and choices. So, for you who hoping that you could battle monsters with lots of options you wouldn't found something like that. Things that make interesting are the choices itself based on moral. In this game there is no right or wrong answer.

This game tells about someone life that has ups and downs in life and tried to get his/her own dream back. No matter how everything started, how the story about you and him/her will reveal itself when we choose the option that we take.

Playing this game through 8 hours make me reflect again about reality and life and makes me re-learn for being sensitive with see all the possibilities from different angles. This game based on creator experience that tells about life.

*** Review and Score ***

Score: 90

For the graphic, this game use 8-bit based sprite. Because this game based on RPG Maker, I know makes something like this is not easy. Moreover with sprites like that, for me I definitely don’t have interest to make something like that, so that received thumb because I can see the sprites that this game used are original. And for myself, I love 2D games. 

For the game, it is interesting, looking at the concept that quite unusual comparing to most RPG that I have played. Main characters in this game can be choosing from most of characters that appear in the beginning of the game and who we choose will determine how others behave. For example if our character has specific race, there will be specific stereotype against that person.

Other than that there is a replay value that keeps my interest to play the game again and try another option. There are also lots of mini games in this game but that don’t give another impression but just another game, several of these are a good choice to gather money though. There are several items that I don’t know what their function in the game, maybe in another update this would be explained about the mean of that item more concrete.

For the story line, it is interesting. In the beginning there a lot of things that interesting to dig up, unfortunately half way before the game end I don’t know why the story itself seems rushing or it may be just like that?

It would be good when there is an option for the main character to truly move on. That’s because when I discuss this with my sister, she says that she would move on and seeking somebody new instead sticking with just one person. But, oh well because that’s the intention of the game after all.

For the choices, maybe because that’s the limit from the RPG Maker itself some people maybe feel less. Well, this is cannot be compare with other games. But, maybe that’s difficult when we must chose options that not really us, but in the end we must choose aren't we? Oh, well…

For the bug, all this time I only find at the part when two old men ask to solve their problem and I chose for take firewood, unfortunately when I already got the firewood. No responds at all.

For the ending, there are several change that quite different depend on the choice that we take but in the end, more or less they’re quite the same. Quite disappointing because there is no ending that we could say “a happy one”. But, like the reality, sometimes there’s a time when we couldn't get what we want.

Rating for this game is for mature. This is related with the content that contained in this game, some of them related to situation, some of them related to words. Developer and Creator from this game ever say that this game will contain elements like that. 
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