Innocence | Day 22

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I used to be naïve. Now, I lost it.

As I grow up. I learned the hard ways from experiences.

The world is not like what it seems.

Not everyone has the same perception like we do.

Not everything is black and white like what we taught.

We lived in the world where things are being loved and people being used. And, there are evils lurking outside.

We lived in the world where people often being misunderstood. There were reasons behind of what they do and nowadays one mistake, most people judge define their life forever and put label easily instead tried to understand their situation.
I miss those days, as a child, when I saw the world differently. When even just little things that could make us and others smile. The times when we argue with someone, then an hour later, we even forget that we fight and play again together as friend.

That concludes about something you miss.

Talking about innocence, D-Gray Man will get a new TV anime that will be airing in 2016. Woo! 
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