Be Consistent | Day 12

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Hmm. I am seldom talking about self or my recent accomplishment. It is not like I don’t have anything to be proud of. No. I just don’t want to brag. I’m the kind of person who hate that. When there is a social gathering where others brag about their possession. Especially when they start to compare themselves to others, I usually get out from there.

That is so different from my (close) friends who love to tell about their accomplishment to their colleague. I’m not bothered at all. Maybe, it is just me or it comes back again to a matter of perspective or it is related something that related to my past?

Oh. And, I just got recovered from flu. These days, I got sick. I don’t like being sick. I learned that overdo anything is not good. Now, back to the challenge:

There is list of habits that I want to change that created since last month. And, I’m happy to know that I can be consistent if I wanted to.

I still enjoy this challenge. Even, sometimes I think that I could better than this. However, sometimes being kind to self is also important. I wouldn’t be sick at the first place if I aware about body’s rebellion.  
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