Takeo Ōmori | Day 06

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Takeo Ōmori from Kobo-chan or Kobo, the Lil’ rascal. A manga that created by Masashi Ueda. I’ve been reading Kobo-chan since I was a child. He firstly introduced in volume 12 as Kobo’s uncle. He is Yamakawa Iwao’s nephew and Tabata Sanae’s cousin.

Takeo is a middle school teacher. He is a big man who knows Judo (he has a black belt and rank three in Judo), Rugby and loves hiking. As a person he can be a little clumsy, a bit childish, but he had strong sense of justice and dependable as a person. He is also an easy target for his students’ mischief.

He had crush to his fellow teacher, Sakiko Hanada. And, through his efforts, now Sakiko Hanada is become his wife.

Manual drawing and coloring using Paint.NET. Although the style is simple, but it hard for me to imitate. 
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