Family Is... | Day 15

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For today’s challenge, I used the photo that was taken from the last outing. Different thing with today drawing is I used a wee bit of imagination. You can see about things that not exist, unless someone is cosplaying.

And, I suddenly remember when the coloring process nearly done. There are things that don’t quite fit. It is quite embarrassing. Welp, in that case I overlook this matter and continue coloring and doing my best to finish this challenge.

If I were myself years ago, I will redo the challenge until I get the result that I wanted to. Honestly, I don't think I could finish this challenge when I do that. 

Drawing this while listens to "You're Nobody Till Someone Loves You".

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  1. Eaaa, namanya juga belajar kok, Har. Jadi wajar kalau banyak salah. Lha, iya toh? Kalau nggak pernah salah khan nggak tau letak benernya dimana. Cemungut! (^v^)9

    1. Iya nih heran aja baru ngeh pas udah 3/4 jalan. Mending kalau baru seperempat jalan. Makasih yah buat semangatnya :D