All Here Together | Day 24 - Day 30

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I’m sorry that I’m not posting here like usual. Well, first there was home reconstruction. I lost my spot. Second, I have no internet access for a while. It sucks. Yes, it really is.

However, it’s not like I abandoned the challenge, I’m still on it. And, I’m happy to say that I’m able to finish it. So, instead posting one by one, I’m posting the rest here for convenience.

Day 24: A Childhood Memory

Alfred and Marl, the OCs from my childhood story.

Day 25: Waterfall

This is the first time I am making this scenery. It has a calming atmosphere.
When making this. I used the tutorial that provided here.

Day 26: Rightswept

Since kindergarten my hair style always like this. It was right swept.

I don’t have problem with others who used the same style, but I can’t stand myself to have the same hairstyle every time. My forehead is quite large like Sakura Haruno. So, I decided to have a messy hair, although Mum’s not agree, but it looks good on me.

Day 27: It’s Her

She never get out from my mind.
It is love? It is crush?
I don’t know.
But, I want to know her more.

Day 28: Dreams Come True

Dreams come true.

Day 29: Lawang Sewu

Lawang Sewu or ‘Thousand Doors’. I already had a plan and discussed this with the entire family to go there next year. It’s another historical place that I want to visit. However, the exact date is still unknown. Can’t wait to go there.

Day 30: A New Beginning

Congratulations, myself. I’m finally able to conquer myself to finish another challenge! Through this challenge, I tried something new that I never try before and realize it’s still a long way to go to improve. Welp, each person has different pace anyway.

Someday, if I had more time, I would like to color them all. But, for now it’s just as it is.
Also, thank you to you all as visitor to my place. A frequent visitor or just someone who just pass by here. Thank you for your time.
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  1. Waah, selamat ya! Akhirnya beres juga.

    Buat no 27, kenapa nggak diutarain aja ;)

    1. Thanks! Hehe, nggak semudah itu loh menyatakan, apalagi kasusnya setelah break sama previous relationship, belum siap lagi menuju in dan nggak mau kalau ternyata itu cuma bentuk pelarian. Lagipula masih banyak yang perlu dibenahi. Hehe... *curhat mode on